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Conference Week is:  March 7 - 11
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Principal's Letter

Hello Families-
We are getting closer to the end of that second trimester as we race into February at Antelope Creek.  This is an exciting time of year when we really begin to see significant growth with students and we get energized as a staff.  We look forward to talking with parents again in March at conference time.  This month we will also really ramp up our preparations for the new state testing which will take place in late April and early May for grades 3-6.  This will be a chance for students to build on the baseline data that we gathered last year when they took the new test for the first time.  The testing is all done on computers and so the students have been engaged in working on Chrome Books for several months.  We have also recently added one additional Chrome Book cart to our fleet and now have one in every grade level 3-6.  We will continue to be creative in looking at building technology at the site as this is part of our Strategic Plan goal #3 at Antelope Creek.
As always I want to end by asking everyone to help us meet our attendance goals and to work towards working as a community to make sure that students are not tardy to school.  This will help all students get the full benefit of every instructional minute and will allow them to build healthy habits that will serve them well with their future college and career goals.  Have a great February at Antelope Creek!  

Brian Arcuri, Principal

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Upcoming Events

1st - LIM Assembly at 1:25p
3rd - Leader in Me Coaching Day
4th - Fire Drill 9:45a
5th - Kinder to Flip-2-It Sports Center 8:30a - 10:45p
5th - 5th Grade to State Capitol 9:30 - 1:45p
5th - My Prince and Me Dance 6:30 - 8:30
8th - LIM Assembly 1:15p
10th - Yearbook meeting 3p - 4p
12th - NO SCHOOL President's Day
15th - NO SCHOOL President's Day
19th - Kindergarten Patriotic Parade 8:45a
22nd - LIM Assembly at 1:25p
24th - Yearbook meeting 3p
26th - Intellibricks 3:10p
29th - Minimum Day - Conference Prep 12:55 Release