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Conference Week is:  March 13-17
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Pre-School Story Time

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Upcoming Events

27th - Inside out/backwards Day
27th - Intellibricks 3p - 4p
31st - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
1st - Kinder to Flip 2 It 9a-11a
2nd - Talon Ticket Shopping
3rd - Fire Drill 9:30a
7th - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
7th - PTA Meeting 6:30p
8th - Yearbook Meeting 3p
8th - Lighthouse 3:15p
10th - 5th Grade to the State
              Capitol 9:30a - 2:30p
16th - 4th Grade to Coloma
               8:45 - 2:30p
16th - Yearbook Meeting 3p-4p
17th - Superhero Dress-Up Day
20th - 24th President's Week
         NO SCHOOL
28th - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
2nd - Talon Ticket Shopping
3rd - Intellibricks 3:10p -4:40p
6th - Pennies for Patients Begins
6th - Minimum Day 12:55 Release
7th - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
8th - Dance Show
    8:30 Dress Rehearsal
    9:30 School Performance
    6p & 7p Night Performance
8th - Lighthouse Meeting 3:15p - 4:15p
9th - Dance Sho
     8:30 Dress Rehearsal
     9:30 School Performance
     6p & 7p Night Performance
9th - Fire Drill 1:30p
10th - CopyCat Day
13th - 17th Conference Week
    Minimum Days 12:55 Release
14th - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
14th - PTA Meeting 6:30p