Welcome to Antelope Creek Elementary! TOGETHER WE LEARN, TOGETHER WE LEAD.


Office will be Closed at 2:30 on Monday's

Rocklin Unified School District’s school site offices will be closing 30 minutes after student dismissal on Mondays thorough October 31st. This time will be used for professional collaboration and the updating of student records. These efforts will enhance our student data information systems and better serve our families.
If there is an urgent need, please contact Mary Leettola at 630-3187.

Letter from our Principal

Dear Families -
Welcome to another exciting year at Antelope Creek. We have gotten off to a great start this year and students are settling into their new classroom communities.
This year we are working hard to make further progress on our Strategic Planning goals. The three main goals are:
  • Implementing a school-wide, data-driven system for academic intervention, enrichment, and social-emotional support.
  • Improvement of both internal and external communication systems that will engage the community and increase parental involvement.
  • Looking further into innovative programs that will promote student growth and increase self-confidence.
  These goals will require a team effort from the community and so far we have had many community members reach out to join committees, offer your time, or support new programs. Please continue to get involved and keep up the strong communication as we work together to continue the excellence at Antelope Creek.
As part of our effort to strengthen social-emotional support we are also embarking on a journey with Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS). This will allow us to look at systems on-campus for monitoring behavior and corresponding responses. We also want to continue our tradition of rewarding positive behavior, so we will take a look at those systems and evaluate for the future. The Leader in Me will continue to operate alongside PBIS systems. Together these two systems will give us a solid foundation for daily operations at Antelope Creek.
We will be posting information on our web page and through our new school app. so you can follow all of the developments around these initiatives in the coming months. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. It is going to be another rewarding year at Antelope Creek!
Go Falcons!!
Brian Arcuri-Principal

AERIES Portal Information


School Hours

Kindergarten is on a full-day schedule; TK will remain on an extended day schedule; and early/late in 1st grade has been eliminated.  Kindergarten will be dismissed 10 minutes early on all schedules (minimum, regular, Monday) to help with traffic and dismissal.
TK on regular day:   8:25-1:45
TK on early release Mondays:  8:25-1:45
TK on minimum day:   8:25-12:45
Kinder on regular days:   8:25-2:45
Kinder on early release Monday:   8:25-1:45
Kinder on Minimum Day:   8:25-12:45
Grades 1-6 on regular days:   8:25-2:55
Grades 1-6 on early release Mondays:   8:25-1:55
Grades 1-6 on minimum days:   8:25-12:55

Schedule a Conference (Open October 24 - November 6)

Conference Week is:  November 14 -18
Click on the Icon Above to Access Online Scheduler for Conferences

Antelope Creek Mobile App

Antelope Creek has a new mobile app.  It's never been easier to access event calendars, class information, lunch menus, bell schedules, district information, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, and so much more!  By installing our app, you will also receive important announcements and friendly reminders about what’s happening at our school. Please download the app to your phone and give it a try.  We will be updating it with the school calendar and sending out lots of great information to you. This is one way we are keeping up with our strategic planning mission to increase communication.  We hope you enjoy!  Please see below for details on downloading the app to your mobile device:
Search for our school or use these links to download our app today. You'll have a handy icon on your phone and with just a tap or two, you can be connected to our school! Don't forget to accept push notifications so that you receive our text alerts!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/antelope-creek-elementary/id1101565718?ls=1&mt=8

Free and Reduced Price Meal Program

Upcoming Events

21st - Fall Carnival
25th - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
25th - Leadership Club 3-3:45p
25th - Yearbook Club 3p - 4p
27th - 3rd Grade to St. Mary's &
    Rocklin History Museum
27th - Fire Dept. for 2nd grade
28th - Lower Grade Leadership
31st - Costume Day
31st - Kinder to Bishop's Pumpkin
     Farm 8:45 - 1:15p
1st - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
1st - Leadership Club 3-3:45p
1st - Site Council 3:30 Library
3rd - Talon Ticket Shopping
4th - Book Fair Begins
4th - Lower Grade Leadership
6th - Daylight Savings Time Ends
   Set your clock back
7th - Minimum Day Release 12:55
7th - 6th Grade to Camp
7th - 10th - BOOK FAIR
8th - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
8th - Skate Night 6p - 8p
9th - Lighthouse 3:15 - 4:15
9th - Yearbook Club 3p - 4p
10th - Lockdown Drill 9:45a
10th - 6th Grade returns from Camp
11th - Veteran's Day - NO SCHOOL
14th - 18th - Conference Week
15th - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
18th - Wacky Hair Day
21st - 25th - Thanksgiving Break
29th - Leadership Assembly 8:35a
29th - GATE Testing 9a - 10:30a